G-Dragon + Sandara = Kiss on stage?!

Do you like my New Era fitted cap?Cool,eh?

Spotted G’s causing stir on stage covering their faces while kissing S! YG love-o-meter alert!

How heartbreaking this is! I can’t breathe!I can’t breathe!

It reminds me of T.O.P and Hyori locked their lips at last year MKMF and could that be the whole Gaho-licking-you-all- over things, instead?. *mwahaha*

Phew.Phew.Phew.Deep breath.Deep breath.

Lemme take this down slow,dear. G.D confirmed that there’s nothing but a brotherhood – it’s just a show on the  recording of SBS’s Chuseok Big Special Idol Show (SBS 추석특집 아이돌 빅쇼)and *capitalized* THEY ARE NOT DATING, repeat, THEY ARE NOT DATING.


Well, now you can sit back and enjoy a cuppa for the rest of this one fine afternoon, just as we do here^^. Need more pix from the show ? Why not, you the Ultracool-V.I.P here ^O^

Thats Kaikai Kiki filled jacket :)
That's Kaikai Kiki filled jacket 🙂

Entertain me!
Entertain me!


Credit = 즐거운 한가위 흥겹게 놀아보자! + S@BBVIPZ + SBS 인기가요