Set the new record:No.3 for 3 weeks on Oricon Top 5


BIGBANG’s first major Japan debut “BIGBANG” (release date: August 19th, which is BIGBANG’s 3rd Debut Anniversary back home in Korea) stays at Top 5 at No.3 for 3 consecutive weeks on Oricon chart, making it the first Korean/overseas group ever to set that record of the victory over Japan’s hard to beat music market.

BIGBANG also release 『ASIA BEST2006-2009』 which ranks at No.20


and “2009 BIGBANG LIVE CONCERT『 BIG SHOW 』at No.5 on the same chart.


A few months ago BIGBANG released 2 singles titled 『My Heaven』 and ガラガラGO!!in Japan each peaked at No.3 on the Oricon chart.

Big hands to them all and Bravo!

We thank our Japanese V.I.P fellows over there for such a great support they have given for BIGBANG.

Congrats! We won! We won! Yippee GlitterGlitterGlitterGlitterGlitter



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