『BIGBANG』 Making of NII Fall 2009 Collection

I dunno why I can’t stop smiling.

Is it because of T.O.P’s pose? Is it making fun of other people his favorite part-time?! He reminds me of the naughty Paul Frank print on my iPod Touch case, really. *mwahaha*

And am I naming him “a monkey”? No! Even though we know that he loves banana to a degree! LMAO

Spotted Ji Yong’s rocking on a horse! And Gaho’s appearance at the photo session ^o^

I think this one was taken around early August, 2009 right after their homecoming from the Japan promotion trip and Dae Sung’s car accident. It’s a good news that he gets well sooner than I thought ^^. Enjoy the vid!


Credit: NII