MBC Every1 – The Star Secret – BIGBANG [Eng. subtitled]

Young Bae

Ji Yong


Dae Sung



Credit: iBigBangsubs


★BIGBANG feat. No Brain Stage★ in Kim Jung-eun’s Chocolate

This one was taken back on 08/09/25 where they did “Lies,” “I Know You Fall For Me” and “Oh My Friend” plus some talk with KJE.

T.O.P did that kangaroo dance and a self-censor on rapping “mother@*&#^$.”

Now everybody scream!Louder!


Credit: CodeMonmonSeason4

『HEARTBREAKER』 G-Dragon: just did it (again and again) on Music Bank!


First off, Happy Birthday to Mrs. Kwon! We’re so proud of your boy’s hardworking! You’re super mum!

Landslide victory! Hallelujah!

G.D gets caught sticking out his tongue in public again! *laugh*

Awww….and tossing the bouquet? Mwah.Viva le G-Dragon!

Here’s the invincible blond bombshell hottie G-Dragon take on the Music Bank stage again this evening. 4 weeks in a row,amazingly seriously.

The today’s show was under my expectation. G.D seemed so tired and he twisted his dance moves this time around to cut it short. No close-ups.Lame, MuBank’s camera,lame! Phew.Phew.Phew. The way he took off his shades reminds me of T.O.P *mwhahaha*. The atmosphere’s lifted up when he ended it with the Haru Haru mouth-wiping hand gesture and the ^^V to kiss us goodbye. That just did the job! Heart attack!

The way YG family flip up a song and bend it beautifully is something rare and unique in the cheesy k-popscene today. I expect to see a HEARTBREAKER remix before he goes to fully promote “Breathe” next Monday.Will G-Dragon save the last dance and remix for me? I can only wish upon the star!!

Spotted (oh hey,Lady Gaga?!) the key lime yellow fitted suit , you can see it from erm…space. It adorned with sequined Micky Mouse, I ♥ MJ and MJ’s Thriller album cover pieces of flair, avant garde Maison Martin Margiela’s F/W 09-10 Visor Sunglasses ,cropped pants and Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Graffiti kicks (OMFG, my eyes are blinded with these neon colorings when you add it to someone who has his hair dyed blond). He’s just getting whiter than white these days.

I think he might be the one and only K-Celeb who can go on stage with these clothing and extraordinary accessories and be just ultracoooool. AAA dropdead gorgeous. Luv it to the death,G to the D!





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