BIGBANG Seungri on T.O.P in IRIS

“TOP hyung’s got the scary smokey eyes”.

Is that a compliment to Vic The Killer,Seungri ~ah!


Credit: 빅뱅 승리, 연기도전 탑에 따끔충고 “눈빛 부담스럽다”


BIGBANG’s wrap-ups as of 09/28

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  • Interview for GOM TV Music Chart Hall of Fame

[2009.9.42 Deungchondong SBS]
Hi everyone, nice to meet you I’m G-Dragon. They say that has been first for five consecutive weeks on the GOM TV Music Chart. Thank you very much. I’m very glad that I’ve been able to sing a song that you guys have loved for this long. It’s a chart thats always there, but it makes me want to work harder. I’ll keep this trophy that you’ve gave me well. Oh and a new song has come out; I hope to see you again in five weeks. Thank you and I’ll work harder!
[First for five consecutive weeks! Congratulations!]

  • One month since solo debut. G-Dragon. Is he 2009’s greatest issue maker?
  • Me2day registrants increase by more than 250,000 people after G-Dragon registered.
  • Almost 10,000 comments on Me2days that G-Dragon posts.
  • 70,000 views for the ‘Inkigayo'(for Sept 27) video on SBS’ homepage. Usually has only 1000~2000 views.
  • G-Dragon said, “I’m a little lonely because I’m doing these activities by myself. But I’m okay because my fans fill up that loneliness for me.” When we asked about this album’s fashion concept GD answered “Usually there has to be a different concept for each song, but this time I’m planning to show many sides of myself with no fixed concept.” Then the MCs said “They call people who are extremely interested in their own interests but those who don’t care much about love relationships ‘herbivorous men’. What do you think about the rumors that are saying that you are the typical ‘herbivorous man’.” GD answered “I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard that ‘herbivorous men’ are men who take care of themselves. I think it’s somewhat true.” Then the MCs asked “Do you not care about love relationships?” and GD answered “I’m very interested”.

  • Recording of SBS on Sept 29, 2009. G-Dragon performing ‘One Year Station’ and another special song. (Broadcasted on Oct 3 @ 11:10PM)

  • SBS Kangshimjang preview (with GD and Seungri) (Broadcasted on Oct 6 @ 11:05PM)

  • Hite Concert (performance) at Busan Haeoondae(beach) on Oct 9 @ 11PM. (Bigbang)

  • 2009 Dream Concert on Oct 10 @ 6:30PM. (Bigbang)

  • First episode of drama ‘Iris’ being broadcasted on Oct 14 @ 9:50PM.

  • Lotte Cinema 10th Anniversary Celebration Birth Night Party on Oct 16. (GD performing)

  • When we asked Jung Junho(actor, in Iris) what TOP was like he answered, “He’s very quiet and has great passion for acting. He comes to the shooting scene very early to prepare and he’s very shy.”

  • Kim Janghoon(male singer) complimented Bigbang by saying, “Young singers, including idol groups, have improved vastly in their performances. I was very surprised of Bigbang’s efforts and passion for their performances. They were very good at arranging the songs. Their performances were so good, that I even thought that I wasn’t needed to help with directing.”

  • Lee Yowon(actress, on Queen Sunduk) picked G-Dragon as her favourite idol star.

  • Selling the G-Dragon Heartbreaker t-shirt at YGESHOP. In 2 colours: black and white. Price is 35,000 won (approx $35).

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