G-Dragon’s recollection with Seo Tai-ji & Boys and his own self in Inkigayo

Fauxhawk can be awesome if you have it at the right time with the right person (forget the oldie Uncle David Beckham). Outstanding “The Initial G” hoodie. Kilt’s back. A tribute military tee to Michael Jackson with 1958-2009 written on the back of it? Ultra cool. Now we already dig those Ji Yong’s weekly messages in keeping “The King of Pop” alive in his appearance. What a touching remark!

We heart the today’s show. Super fantastic. Not a SpongeBob dance anymore. Ji Yong finally fits in his backup dancers for this particular song, so he kept on playing with the Inkigayo teasing camera’s angles, shone a light with his flawless white tooth and never stopped smiling since he got sandwiched by Seungri and T.O.P at the Incheon World City Festival yesterday. Glad to be back as a bunch of five, Kwon Leader? Or backstage chit-chat went on so well with your BFF, Young Bae? Just curious!

Most of all, we know that he’s not alone as what he continually confesses in many recent interviews. The solo career can be a horrible lonesomeness experience for someone who is more familiar with the BIGBANG way for years . We hope that you have someone you can always count on.

Considering one more pooch?


Credit: CodeMonmonSeason3


A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words: Beast’s Hyun Seung’s long-awaited 3-years-reunion with G-Dragon in last week Inkigayo

Speechless. Am touched ^^


Credit: ‘빅뱅’ 지드래곤·’비스트’ 장현승, 다정한 모습 눈길

Once G-Dragon,Always G-Dragon – A Boy (Billie Jeans Remix) – Inkigayo

Not so impressive performance. The Billie Jeans epic move was transformed and derived into a very GD dance style by keeping the moonwalk and the crotch popping alive, thanks to Ji Yong. He turned the fedora to a fitted cap (we didn’t expect any sequined gloves, hiccups and hi-hat anyway). “A Boy” lyrics and the YG flashback on TV screen really help,but the permed blond now getting on our nerves. Is that just a hairpiece or something?

Once Ji Yong. Always Ji Yong. We agree~!

A little suprice came as a handwritten message saying that Yong Bae will be back next week. Just can’t wait!




지드래곤 ‘소년이여’ 첫 무대, ‘모차르트 헤어 파격’

Promising to us, disappointing for G-Dragon?!




L to AME?

Blame in on the black star, sweetheart.

While people were watching G-Dragon‘s debut “Heartbreaker” performance on SBS Inkigayo last Sunday without a blink in their eyes, some even anxiously held her breath or even bit on the fingernails, nervously.

In the after show clip taken from Mnet’s G.D TV Episode 10 yesterday (September 2), he told us that it was a very disappointing and underperformed live!?

“Like other people, it’s left such a bad feeling, it’s because I can’t let what happened in the past bothers me. I think, all I can do now is work harder and get ready for the next show to come. Life doesn’t work out that much for me, from five people  [BIGBANG] and now I’m doing it all alone. So, I’ve to practice a lot more. I promise that in the next show, I’ll make it a better one. For the people who came to my debut stage, I want to thank you all once again. From now on. FIGHTING!”

What happens in Inkigayo stays in Inkigayo. Mr. Kwon Ji Yong, there’ s a first time for everything.

Keep rockin’ on!


Credit: 지드래곤 “솔로 데뷔무대, 라이브 아쉬워”

G-Dragon breathes fire on SBS Inkigayo’s surging rating



Everybody knows that G-Dragon spits fire at every single national music chart with No.1 rankings.

Now, he even flew on stage on the late afternoon in SBS Inkigayo (August 30,2009) with his apple printed baggy pants, seducing dance moves and a smile that kills hundreds thousand of V.I.Ps.

The man is doing the job just right!

TNS Media Korea reports today that he has lifted the show rating from 10% to a whopping 17% so far which is the highest record ever set for that particular performance he did in “Heartbreaker” plus “Breathe.” It’s nothing but a phenomenon. Trust me!

He also schedules to feature on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate on September 2nd and the “Heartbreaker” debut stage on Music Bank on September 4th.

Stay tuned,V.I.P. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. More to come on all that…