Promising to us, disappointing for G-Dragon?!




L to AME?

Blame in on the black star, sweetheart.

While people were watching G-Dragon‘s debut “Heartbreaker” performance on SBS Inkigayo last Sunday without a blink in their eyes, some even anxiously held her breath or even bit on the fingernails, nervously.

In the after show clip taken from Mnet’s G.D TV Episode 10 yesterday (September 2), he told us that it was a very disappointing and underperformed live!?

“Like other people, it’s left such a bad feeling, it’s because I can’t let what happened in the past bothers me. I think, all I can do now is work harder and get ready for the next show to come. Life doesn’t work out that much for me, from five people  [BIGBANG] and now I’m doing it all alone. So, I’ve to practice a lot more. I promise that in the next show, I’ll make it a better one. For the people who came to my debut stage, I want to thank you all once again. From now on. FIGHTING!”

What happens in Inkigayo stays in Inkigayo. Mr. Kwon Ji Yong, there’ s a first time for everything.

Keep rockin’ on!


Credit: 지드래곤 “솔로 데뷔무대, 라이브 아쉬워”