Japanese-English Radio Excerpt of BIGBANG on Kira Kira★Time Fm Yokohama 84.7 on 09/11/08

Original in Japanese byみーまま

Japanese – English translation by Pinky.PK* exclusively for *Team.BIGBANG*

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BIGBANG went to 「KIRA KIRA HOUSE」of Yokohama FM.

YB also took the mobile phone charm as a little souvenir from the program.

The name of the radio show is “Kira Kira” (or “Glittering” in English)


DJ Aja: Can you tell us the title of a song that’s Kira Kira?

YB: I’ve been listening to Michael Jackson’s Human Nature.


The program then played Human Nature.


DJ: Thing that’s Kira Kira?

T.O.P: My ring. It always reminds me of my family.


DJ: What’s your most favorite word in Japanese?

YB: Ebisu and Meguro (the tube stations on JR East Yamanote Line (山手線), Tokyo Central Line) and Yoshinoya (the gyudon (beef bowl) restaurant located at every tube station.)

T.O.P: Ikuradesuka. (How much?)

GD: Bacchishi (Impeccable)

SR: Barabara. (Disharmony/scattering) and Goro Goro (the sound of a rolling big object). Do you think that the Japanese vocabulary in a form of word repetition sound so interesting?


DJ: The secret of making the MV?

YB: Nothing is a secret there. It’s a grassland, lots of grass, I mean! Such a really great scenery. Fact is, it’s sort of inconvenience making the MV because there were tons of insects! Wondering why there were so many of them in that spring time!?


The program played「声をきかせて」Club Remix as a background music.


DJ: The most delicious Korean dish?

GD: It’s Gukbap (or クッパ (kuppa in Japanese) it’s a soup with rice)

DJ: That sounds so sexy!


The program is updating the group pix of them. So, check it out!