G-Dragon’s me2day update [Korean – English translation]

짜잔 이게뭘까∼요!?ㅎㅎ 전이제한국이에요 열심히준비해야될일들이 산덤이ㅜ 응원많이해주시고많이오셔서 즐겨요!미치게해줄께^^

On 2009/11/12 @17:47:45(KST) Ji Yong twitted in his me2day status:

How about this∼yo!? Hehe. I get back to Korea now. It’s going to be hard to prepare for it ㅜ Come cheer me on at the concerts if you can! I’ll make you crazy about me^^

The Set List can be read:

G-Dragon Concert Set List

1. Boy Band Install a mock up of a recording studio on stage. – Video technician. 
2. Heartbreaker (Original Version) Band Remix the original intro/the opening of the song
3. Breathe MR Perform with a bed
4. Butterfly





Well, not just crazy about you, you have me at hello, Ji Yong!


The original tweets by Ji Yong can be found <<here>>

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The G-Hood sweatshirt as seen on last Sunday Inkigayo (10/25) is now up for grab!
Preorder period: 2009-10-30 ~ 2009-11-09. YGeShop will start shipping this item on 2009-11-10. We will wear this to the GD Concerts. We J-VIP.We TeamG-Dragon.Yay!!!!

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These jackets come in two styles, pullover and zipped up hoodie, black and white, one size fits all. Grap it and rush to book the GD gig tix, yeahhhhh!

Zipped up KRW 60,000

Pullover KRW 57,000


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G-Dragon’s recollection with Seo Tai-ji & Boys and his own self in Inkigayo

Fauxhawk can be awesome if you have it at the right time with the right person (forget the oldie Uncle David Beckham). Outstanding “The Initial G” hoodie. Kilt’s back. A tribute military tee to Michael Jackson with 1958-2009 written on the back of it? Ultra cool. Now we already dig those Ji Yong’s weekly messages in keeping “The King of Pop” alive in his appearance. What a touching remark!

We heart the today’s show. Super fantastic. Not a SpongeBob dance anymore. Ji Yong finally fits in his backup dancers for this particular song, so he kept on playing with the Inkigayo teasing camera’s angles, shone a light with his flawless white tooth and never stopped smiling since he got sandwiched by Seungri and T.O.P at the Incheon World City Festival yesterday. Glad to be back as a bunch of five, Kwon Leader? Or backstage chit-chat went on so well with your BFF, Young Bae? Just curious!

Most of all, we know that he’s not alone as what he continually confesses in many recent interviews. The solo career can be a horrible lonesomeness experience for someone who is more familiar with the BIGBANG way for years . We hope that you have someone you can always count on.

Considering one more pooch?


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