2 thoughts on “【NEWS】熱愛報道の水原「付き合ってはいません」

  1. We have a denial printed from the same source of the scandal, Sanspo, three weeks after it already have caused someone's reputation to be maligned. Three weeks after it has affected public perception. Three weeks after it adversely affected the marketing momentum they were building up after MTV VMJ Awards. Three weeks after, we have a denial conveyed in the set of a drama premiere. Was it so difficult to pick up the phone or send a representative during the onset of the said scandal to issue this denial? Why wait for it to be said during this occassion, at your movie premiere? Can't your movie stand on its own merit to gain publicity? Does your producer and you need to resort to SCANDAL MARKETING to sell this movie? Was this all a coincidence? I hope you got what you aimed for and more-KARMA.

  2. Whether they were dating or not was not really the issue but it was more of the of betrayal of friendship/ relationship and hidden motives. It was all so clear that the rumor was started by her side Her PR or agent not stating anything right after it was published means they want to use it for their advantage (whether it is true or not). If it was spread with some proofs like pictures together by third people then it will be another story. In the Sanspo article, all that was mentioned was her friends knowing about the so-called affair. Her innocence about the spread of rumor is highly doubtful. She might be a Vivi model but nothing else major except for this movie break, the June cover for Nylon , she might be in the Nov. issue of Vogue Japan and some runways stints. A lot of Japanese people and women do not even know her at all, unless they are into fashion until the day she was linked to GD. She might be pretty & sweet but she simply does not have that "It" factor to be a supermodel. She is a mediocre beauty, she is cute but not cute enough, not too Caucasian enough and definitely not too exotic enough to make it. She is already 20 and there are so much more younger models who are getting more breaks. I really do hope that she will make it as an actress for causing this stir and hurt among GD's fans will be compensated. Shame, shame, shame for it is true, she should have waited for the man to do the announcement of their relationship. I just feel bad to think that a relationship was used for marketing and to be famous at the expense of all the hard works of the famous one…

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