【MUSIC】Solar/TaeYang ♪♪ 2010 TaeYang Solo Concert 「SOLAR」 Information


It’s YG Entertainment.

The album [SOLAR] and its title track [I Need A Girl] has released and TaeYang is having a show activity!!

TaeYang shows the gorgeous and passionate feelings in every stage of his live performances and featuring dances.

Here is the information about the concert

★ Concert overview ★

– Title: 2010 TaeYang Solo Concert [SOLAR]

– Date: 2010/9/4 (Sat) / Show time TBA / No age restriction

2010/9/5 (Sun) / Show time TBA / 18+ audiences

– Venue: Hall Of Peace,Kyung Hee University

– Ticket Price: VIP seats KRW 88,000/ R seats KRW 77,000 / S seats KRW 66,000 (Vat included)

– Supporter/Promoter: YG Entertainment.

★ Ticket information ★

– Reservation: Only at G market (www.gmarket.co.kr)

– Advance booking date: 2010/8/3 at 20:00

★ Concert guidelines★

Due to the content of TaeYang concert, there is the age limit.

We hope that you read this carefully.

[2010/9/4 (Sat) – No age limit]

※ The concert day on the 4th has no age limitation.

[2010/9/5 (Sun) – Limit to those 18 and up only]

※ The concert day on the 5th has the age limitation for 18 and up. The ID check is required on the day of the concert ticket purchase.

※ The audience who was born before 1991 and no later than 1992 is allowed.

※ If you have any age restriction, ticket can also be acquired by using other adults IDs like mother or father’s IDs

The invalidation of tickets

※ The ticket is non-refundable if you are underage. The organizers will not be responsible for this matter.

We look forward to your attention and support

Thank you

Via ː YG Entertainment – TAEYANG



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