【NEWS】"It seems like the aged people love DaeSung’s face" Lee HyoRi

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“DaeSung,it looks like the seniors love your face” revealed Lee HyoRi

Lee HyoRi joked with DaeSung in her come back appearance on KBS 2TV 「Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook」 that aired last night (May 14) for the album “H-Logic.”

Lee HyoRi said to MC Yoo that “I’ve a good relationship with DaeSung.I take care of him like my dear younger brother.”

She continued “DaeSung’s got a separated way of telephone greeting for the seniors” and DaeSung went “It’s DaeSung,how are you doing?”

“Even though,it’s very thoughtful for the younger people to do so.I’ve taught him to voice it down to normal,but sometimes he just wants to make it funny.” said Lee HyoRi

DaeSung showed the audiences his dance move for Magic (Secret),Fire (2NE1) and Shake (Chae Yeon).His medley received a big round of the female fans’ applaud.

HyoRi’s move on “Magic” is so lively as well.

HyoRi also performed her duet with DaeSung in the album 4th track “How Did We Get.”

Via Newsen


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