【INFO】Jardin de Chouette’s F/W 10 Collection Inspired By TaeYang

Jardin de Chouette’s FW 10 Collection at Seoul Fashion Week 2010

Kim Jae Hyun The Designer walked her owl tee on the runway at SFW

The BIGBANG TaeYang Owl

Kim Jae Hyun with TaeYang

Jardin de Chouette by Kim Jae Hyun’s F/W 10 Collection tee with the print signature “Owl” is inspired by hip hop culture and the artist like BIGBANG TaeYang.

The designer names her owl print rocking on a pink CC tilted fitted as “The BIGBANG TaeYang Owl.”

We all know that the fitted is TaeYang’s trademark since forever and to learn that now it is the inspiration for Kim Jae Hyun’s work on the Seoul fashion scene is so wonderful^^

What if TaeYang is spotted in this tee?That is going to be AWESOME,isn’t it?

Via VIPZ,Fashion People,OnStylei.com and Cafe de Chouette



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