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『SBS Gayo DaeJun 2009』 on 2009/12/29 and 『BIGBANG BIG SHOW 2010』 on January 29 – 31,2010

What G-Dragon wore


Hot or Not

This thorny thingy wristwatch gives him a walk through London street style with a Harajuku dangerous punkish accessory just to match the look.Many of his stuffs that are filled with a parade of thorns are trainers,bumbag,bracelet and earrings (maybe Gaho’s collar’s next).
So,mind your hands when you get close to the spiky rosy GeeDee.He’s well-protected.

『IDEO GARAGE』 is a wristwatch with a nice price at JPY 19,500 and this item has the cute little funny face of the space invaders that we encountered thousands of them on the 『ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010』 ad-wrapped bus.

One thing that I don’t wanna miss to blog about is,even though at the moment I first saw his “out there” hairdo, I said something snarky that when a celeb makes a mistake,it follows them forever.Or at least until the end of the year.But,I’ll admit it that he makes me swoon when he sings 『Heartbreaker』 and fiercely gets down on his knees at the end of it staring straight back at the VIPs.

That’s quite a feast for a stupid girl’s eyes like me.Spock hairdo?I amazingly quickly forget it.

Via GR8 and GD&H


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