Spotted at

『BIGBANG BIG SHOW 2010』 on January 29 – 31,2010

What G-Dragon wore


Hot or Not

It’s fun to id the style of Kwon Leader ssi~♪ tho this item is a lil bit challenging to look for ‘cos it’s sold out 2 years ago in 2008.

Garnett is a Tokyo-based thrive indie clothing brand by a bunch of badass raggae,hip hop and dancehall DJs from Maverick Sound.Their mixtape is awesome and fresh like a squeezed lemon juice on a hot sunny day.

The glorious red fitted that bears the initial “g” making it’s like adding a cherry on top for the extra flavor of G-Dragon’s finishing touch. Tho,it’s not his trademark like glam BFF Young Bae when it comes to a fitted,but we’ve seen many VIPs tore their hair out in frustration and screamed at the top of their voice (including us) when we see him at the encore.GeeDee’s too hot to handle,really irresistibly.

Via LORD HAVE MERCY by garnett and GD&H



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