[NEWS]BIGBANG’s last tour leg at the Budokan.Tokyo Dome is next!!

On February 17th South Korea popular group,BIGBANG performed their final tour leg at the Budokan for the first time in their first major tour concert in Japan (at 3 venues, 6 performances and 50,000 audiences).Aoyama Thelma came as the guest appearance to sing the collaboration song 「Fall In Love」 together with SOL at the end and made it a total of 25 songs performed tonight.

It was a tough schedule started on the 10th and lasted for 8 days with 6 performances.

T.O.P  「The cheering from the fans is the energy 」 SOL 「(Is Tokyo Dome next?) For the best of luck,I’d like to 」 G-Dragon 「This (first tour) gives us a confidence 」 

So, please look forward to the next concert to come.

Via daily


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