[COVERAGE]G-Dragon was summoned at Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors last night

It takes almost two months for the prosecutors to investigate and subpoena BIGBANG G-Dragon on the alleged violation of the Youth Protection Act in his solo concert “Shine a Light” with three particular songs taken from his recent solo album, “Breathe,” “Korean Dream” and “She’s Gone.”

The Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs has commissioned the Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors Office to investigate the performance of those three songs in the concert.

To give you some details “Breathe” has the vertical bed setting with a female dancer (Aimee Lucas) hung by the rope and she wrapped her tights around G-Dragon waist for 5 seconds. While “Korean Dream” contains some explicit language and the visual on screen in “She’s Gone” depicted a crime scene of G-Dragon chasing after a woman, killed her and left a bloodstain on the floor.

Later last night (February 4, 2010) at 21:00, G-Dragon was reported that he was summoned at Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors Office or SEDPO approximately for an hour long and left the place home at 22:00.

The artist denies all the alleged claim when questioned by the prosecutors saying that “I did not know that it is obscenity.” and on his perception that the show is considered as the sexual abuse to the youth he stated that “I did not know.”

The prosecutors gave the words that “We need to find out that he deliberately performed his show that contained explicit contents or not.”

The evidence of the case has been provided by YG Entertainment including the video taped from the concert and photography and they have to extend the summon date from January to February due to G-Dragon’s hectic schedule.

YG Entertainment representative said that “We eager to create something spectacular in many various forms for the fans and if what we’ve done is wrong. We’re sorry and we’ll take all the full responsibility.” and “According to this issue, the controversial parts of the concert will all be deleted and edited.”

The reaction from the fans and netizens on the matter is quite the opposite perspective from the prosecutors’ and the Ministry that

“His show was very provocative and I don’t even realize that they take it so serious.”

“It’s very sad for a 10-year-old fan to admit that it happens to my favorite singer.”

“Korea will never quarantee the freedom of expression for its artists.”

SEDPO expects its decision whether to file the criminal charge against G-Dragon next week.

The timeline to this issue is exhibited as following:

December 5 & 6, 2009: Shine a Light concert was held at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in front of 24,000 audiences in total.

December 10, 2009: The prosecutors requested G-Dragon in a criminal investigation.

January 6, 2010: The prosecutors summoned G-Dragon.

January 7, 2010: 1,000 G-Dragon supporters gathered to start the 1st round of petition.

February 4, 2010: G-Dragon was summoned at SEDPO.

February 8 – 12, 2010: Expect the decision of the prosecutors whether to file a criminal charge against G-Dragon.

No matter what the decision may turn out to be. Shine a Light will air on TBS on February 13 at 23:00. The world will experience how cute Gaho is on stage and G-Dragon sang and danced in the bathtub?RAD!

There’s lots for you to enjoy at the concert.Donation, a good cause by YG WITH at the venue, is making a difference and freedom of expression is what the law can’t take away from anyone under the same sun.

See you in Japan, GeeDee hwaiting! BIGBANG hwaiting!




One thought on “[COVERAGE]G-Dragon was summoned at Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors last night

  1. I wonder if they will broadcast an edited version or unedited one? I hope it will be unedited T_T. And I so wish they won't charge him with anything! So everyone will witness what kind stupid fuss they did over nothing!

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