[NEWS]DaeSung not to jump in the Family Outing Season 2 bandawagon

BIGBANG DaeSung was recently referred to in the news that he would join the Family Outing Season 2 team.

SBS Representative said today to confirm

“We also love to see DaeSung in the show, but he has made up his mind not to be in it.”  

DaeSung is now paving his new career path in Song Ji Na’s new drama “What’s Up.”

The artist’s working schedule also clashes with his new solo album which is due to out early this year and, of course, BIGBANG new album.

DaeSung and Yu Jae-seok (유재석) ,all the founding Family members, have been a main characters of “Dumb and Dumber” in showing a brotherly love between each other.

Family Outing Season 2 just recruited SNSD YoonA, Kim Won Hee, Yun Sang Hyeon, and Ji Sang Ryeol as the permanent members in this month and now is set to begin the shoot.

We’re so glad that he’ll make a next move and it’s easier to focus on BIGBANG and his new job as an actor^^

Via 대성, ‘패떴2’ 출연 결국 무산…연기자·가수 활동 ‘주력’


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