[FULL COVERAGE]1,000 G-Dragon fans started petition for "we don’t think it’s a sexual harassment"

A group of 1,000 fans at various age ranges from 20s to early 50s gathered to start petition for G-Dragon’s freedom of speech to Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors’ Office.

The news reported that, at the first gathering, the petitioners had recruited all volunteers mainly from the internet and will soon follow up with two or more.

The fans stated in their own words that the performance they had witnessed in G-Dragon “Shine a Light” Concert on December 5 and 6, 2009 “WAS NOT OBSCENE” and expressed their opinions as following:

“The audiences did not take it as porn at all. We did not even get sexually aroused.”

“It’s unacceptable to judge the whole show as pornography from some illegal video clip taped by the fans.”

“We’re not meant to be there for sexual harassment because we paid to get in.”

“The term “obscene” given to this particular performance does not apply to the preteen audiences. They did not participate in it just to be sexual harassed. Speaking of the stage design and the overall concert, coining the term is like downgrading its state of art. We strongly defend it in the name of G-Dragon.”

“Attending this show is not taken as guilty as a sin for the audiences. We’re doing this because we have to. It’s such an unfair treatment (to G-Dragon) and we’re the fans in charge to take some action.”

The show had gone under investigation involving lewd conduct to minors and violation of the Youth Protection Act. It had been arranged by Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors’ Office on the commission of the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs.


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